Picture Gallery

1.FAM's Birthday Party 2006
2.New Orleans TMS 2008
3.Dr. Cao 2008
4.San Fransicsco TMS 2009
5.Lovely group pix 2009 
6.Nahla's wedding 5/2/2009
7.FAM/ChEMS ladies 2009
8.Graduation 6/6/2009
9.William go away party 8/7/2009
10.Summer End party 8/27/2009
11.FAM's Birthday Party 2009
12. Seatle TMS 2010




Welcome to FAM's Research website!


7/10/2009 Summer research starts!!

This summer, we have 10 undergraduate students in SURP program, 2 students in CAMP program, and 2 in UCLead. We also have one new graduate student join us. Let's work hard!!

6/10/2009 UC LEADS program

Josh Yee, an undergraudate student in our group,had been admitted into the UC LEADS program for the 2009-2011 cohort. UC LEADS is best honor program for undergraduate student. Josh has been working with us for 2 year and done a great job on his projects- hardnees and grain boundary sliding. We are all very happy for him and proud of him. Detail about UC LEADS program could be found in the following link:http://www.grad.uci.edu/diversity/ucleads.htm

5/19/2009 Congratulation!!

Clara Druzgalski, an undergraudate student in FAM's group,was offered a paid internship this summer at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to work with Dr.Zhang on Self-assembly of carbon nanotube arrays. The internship is funded by the US Department of Energy.

5/16/2009 Successful UROP symposium 2009

Our group had 1 oral presentation and 4 posters.

Ricardo Komai "Investigation of grain boundary sliding during deformation of nanocrystalline metals"-oral

Andrew Marquez "The influence of an imposed current on mechanical, thermal, and microstructural properties of SnAgCu solder"-UC lead program, summer at UC-Berkeley

Joshua Yee "An investigation of grain boundary sliding during defomration of nanocrystalline metals"-poster

Frank Jimenez and Courtney McConnell "Effects of heat treatment on the creep behavior of electrodeposted nanocrystalline nickel"

Brandon Saller "Analysis of grain orientation in electro-beam melted(EBM) Ti-6Al-4V via electron backscatter diffraction(EBSD)"-cooperate with Dr. John Porter at Carl Zeiss Center